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The country is on the move, the economy, especially along the coast, is booming, but the dark past is still present and many people miss out on the progres being made.

Mysterious lost civilizations, transit route for hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing poverty and terror, an indigenous population fighting against centuries of discrimination and for the preservation of their own culture, powerful political differences, music, festivals - Mexico is a land of contrasts.

The 21st century may have also caught up with the Kyrgyz, for many, even urbanites, horses still take center stage. This is certainly the case for the semi-nomadic shepherds who herd cattle on horseback. The traditonal horse polo, with the carcass of a goat as ball, is played country-wide and even has an international competition. Other equestrian sports like horse wrestling also were, in earlier times, used as a training for war.

Uzbekistan, friendly and obliging people, even though their lives are not always easy.

Mosques, minarets and medressas of an unworldly beauty make the cities along the old silk raod in Uzbekistan a highlight of islamic architecture.